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PU Foam Spray

Polyurethane is a thermoset material made from two liquid raw materials Polyol (A) and Isocyanate (B). This pro-duct properties can be modified by the right choice of raw materials and additives. Polyurethane is the most eff-ective and versatile product for thermal insulation. It can be applied to almost all types of surfaces with no joints, no leakages, no thermal bridges, 90% closed cell content, can be sprayed seamlessly and life time approximately 50 years.

Benefits & Advantages

  • It helps reduce CO2 emission to fight global warming.
  • Reduction of 20-50% energy loss
  • Compressive strength 200kPa => carry loads
  • Low weight added (1-2kg/m2) => no structural constraints
  • High reactivity => high productivity

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